Lower your cloud bill up to 50%.
Let Cloudwiry’s RI Maximizer™ do all the work. The Cloudwiry cost management platform helps you visualize spending trends. Use it as your autopilot to identify cost savings and maximize ROI on your cloud infrastructure.

Save Money

With RI Maximizer, you save time and money by unleashing the full potential of your Convertible Reserved Instances (cRIs) to maximize savings. Increase RI coverage to 95% with standard, marketplace and cRIs management on autopilot, keeping your true-up costs to less than $20! Eliminate wasted cloud spend AND recoup hidden savings—even for the most complicated conversions.

No Surprises

With our sophisticated forecasting modeling and proactive CRI management, your billing bumps are quickly identified and smoothed out. Now you can get RI purchases, modifications and renewals automatically—you create the constraints and we do all the work behind the scenes.

Effective Governance

Managing a portfolio with tens of thousands of cloud infrastructure assets in a dynamic environment is complex work. We do the heavy lifting with waste elimination, rightsizing and RI management tailored to your IT infrastructure and strategy. With automation-driven governance you will be more comfortable managing change within your large enterprise.

Platinum Support

Your corporate strategy drives decisions. With Platinum Support as an integral part of our solution, our team of advisors will simplify your cloud cost management and provide governance. Setup in minutes! Redeem hidden savings with recommendations and customer-defined controls based on your infrastructure plans. Trust-but-verify: meet your technical account manager weekly to review and approve actionable recommendations.

Our Customers Love Us!

“Managing our AWS costs, specifically reserved instances, was a complex task for us even after using one of the industry’s leading CMTs. Switching to Cloudwiry, we now spend less than a few minutes a week managing costs and have increased our savings by 29%! I simply cannot recommend them enough!”
Ross Esposito, Director DevOps, ShipStation
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Technology that Does Your Bidding

Optimize your IT costs with the RI Maximizer™
Maximize ROI by automatically exchanging Convertible RIs with RI Maximizer™. As your savings autopilot, it executes RI exchanges tailored to your needs, or you can pre-approve transactions.

Monitor your AWS Accounts with the Cloudwiry Dashboard

Monitor cost and utilization metrics with Cloudwiry's Dashboard. Start with our standard dashboard template or customize your own layout in just a few simple steps.

Visualize Savings with the Cloudwiry Recommendation Engine

Quickly identify cost-saving opportunities with the Cloudwiry Recommendation Engine which utilizes our automation library. Notifications can be sent via Slack through email.

Automate and Start Saving with the Cloudwiry Automation Engine

Cloudwiry's Automation Engine is tailor-made to execute cost-saving changes identified by our Recommendation Engine. Together these two modules are a powerful cost savings combination.