Realize Your Cost Savings Immediately
The Cloudwiry cost management platform helps you visualize spending trends. Use it as your autopilot to identify cost savings and lower your AWS EC2 bill.

What’s worse than storing your cash under a mattress?

We all occasionally buy or lease new gadgets or appliances that are less useful than we expected, or we discover they are not quite what we need. They might have value to somebody, but not to us. They collect dust, locking up your cash. This might be the fate of your Amazon Reserved Instances. Cash under your mattress is uninvested and not growing, but at least it’s cash you can spend.

Cloudwiry finds your lost dollars and puts them back to work for you through sensible and strategic management of AWS Convertible Reserved Instances (RIs) — like re-investing the proceeds from an ongoing automated estate sale.

Why so difficult?

IT requirements change as your company grows and customer requirements shift. Meanwhile, IT technology advances relentlessly. Managing the complexities of that intersection between technology and operational requirements can be very costly — especially if you ignore it.

  • AWS cloud offerings are constantly evolving.
  • Your cloud infrastructure needs are constantly evolving.

Whether your IT budget priorities are business processes, security, or more and bigger customers, reducing IT costs remains a top priority. Internal cost optimization requires resources, training, and investment. Using Convertible RIs provides much relief but managing them requires specialized capabilities. Most utilities require manual verification, correction, and execution of many transactions.

Conversions don’t need to be time-consuming and expensive. Cloudwiry saves your time and offers complete flexibility to perform exchanges with a maximum $21-per-year commitment increase or the price of a t3.nano.

Convenient Cloud Optimization

Combined with our sensible automations, we are able to save you time and money.

Save money with Actionable recommendations

Strategic IT spending can recover wasted dollars while maintaining state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for your operational needs.

Cloudwiry helps by maximizing AWS discounts using AI-driven machine learning to develop recommendations tailored to your IT infrastructure and strategy. That is why you can feel comfortable acting on those recommendations.

Why doesn’t utilization translate into ROI?

Save time with customized and curated automation

Many companies offer Platinum Support as a trendy catchphrase. For Cloudwiry customers, it is an opportunity:

  • With your corporate strategy driving decisions, you can trust our team to perform transactions based on machine learning. You setup in minutes, then we redeem hidden savings for you with hands-off RI optimization and customer-defined controls.
  • Prefer to trust-but-verify? Meet your account manager weekly to review and approve transactions.

How does Customized and Curated Automation work?

Technology that Does Your Bidding

Optimize your IT costs with the RI Maximizer™
Maximize ROI by automatically exchanging Convertible RIs with RI Maximizer™. As your savings autopilot, it executes RI exchanges tailored to your needs, or you can pre-approve transactions.

Monitor your AWS Accounts with the Cloudwiry Dashboard

Monitor cost and utilization metrics with Cloudwiry's Dashboard. Start with our standard dashboard template or customize your own layout in just a few simple steps.

Visualize Savings with the Cloudwiry Recommendation Engine

Quickly identify cost-saving opportunities with the Cloudwiry Recommendation Engine which utilizes our automation library. Notifications can be sent via Slack through email.

Automate and Start Saving with the Cloudwiry Automation Engine

Cloudwiry's Automation Engine is tailor-made to execute cost-saving changes identified by our Recommendation Engine. Together these two modules are a powerful cost savings combination.