Cost Optimization Tools for AWS

Stop worrying about cloud costs getting out of control, paying for unused or underutilized assets, or suffering from performance issues as your cloud needs fluctuate. Cloudwiry’s Cost Optimization Tools for AWS are architected for both the adept AWS user as well as team members getting ramped up.
Start saving with the Cloudwiry’s Dashboard for free and continue on our Self-service plan for at no charge if your AWS spend remains under $50K a month or take advantage of the Recommendation Engine or Automation Engine to help streamline your optimization workflow.

Basic Dashboard FeaturesRecommendation Engine FeaturesAutomation Engine Features
Account summariesInstance Right SizingInstance Right Sizing
ComputeLeast aggressive Right sizingLeast aggressive Right sizing
StorageMore aggressive Right SizingMore aggressive Right Sizing
NetworkMost Aggressive Right SizingMost Aggressive Right Sizing
Custom Dashboard ViewsRight Sizing w/ Memory MetricsRight Sizing w/ Memory Metrics
Custom ChartingStorage Volume Right SizingRI Converter
Filtering by TagsUnattached Storage Volume DeletionUnattached Storage Volume Deletion
Filtering by TeamsUnused Elastic IP DeletionUnused Elastic IP Deletion
Team based ViewsInstance Idling/schedulingInstance Idling/scheduling
Historical Data RetentionStopped Instance DeletionStopped Instance Deletion
Asset DashboardReserved Instance ExpirationInstance On/Off
NotificationsReserved instance Storage Expiration NotificationStart Instance
 Memory Metrics EnforcerStop instance
 Tag EnforcerScheduled Instance Up-sizing/Downsizing
 Dockerization MonitorReserve Instance Maximizer
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