Effective Governance

Effective cloud governance requires cyber security and smart cost management. Cloudwiry does the heavy lifting for both:

  • IT security — The Cloudwiry Recommendation Engine monitors systems and notifies you of possible exposures. (Consider your public databases, Amazon S3 buckets, and other object storage. The Recommendation Engine sends alerts for inbound ports that become accessible to the public.)
  • Cost management — The Cloudwiry Automation Engine corrects cost spikes directly or integrates with other systems. (Think about teams that launch development instances daily. You can set a policy to shut down instances that are idle outside business hours for more than 30 minutes.)

Evolving Needs and Offerings

IT requirements change as your company grows and customer requirements shift. Meanwhile, IT technology advances relentlessly. Managing the complexities of that intersection between technology and operational requirements can be very costly — especially if you ignore it.

  • Cloud offerings constantly change, with new instance types becoming available.
  • Your cloud infrastructure requirements constantly evolve.

Minimize Costs, Maximize Flexibility

Whether your IT budget priorities are business processes, security, or more and bigger customers, reducing IT costs remains a top priority. Internal cost optimization requires resources, training, and investment. Exchanging instances provides much relief but managing them requires specialized capabilities. Most utilities require manual verification, correction, and execution of many transactions.

Cloud resource exchanges don’t need to be time-consuming and expensive. Cloudwiry saves your time and offers complete flexibility to perform exchanges with a maximum $21-per-year commitment increase or the price of a t3.nano.

Effective Governance

Governance becomes more manageable and effective with automation-driven cloud management that eliminates waste, right-sizes inefficiencies, and maximizes ROI.

Right-Size Inefficiences Eliminate Waste Maximize ROI
Compute – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Unused or stopped instances RI investment
Storage – Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Idle non-production instances New cloud offerings: using best, most appropriate technologies
Storage lifecycle policies Soft instances Dedicated host utilization
Relational database services (RDS) Unattached volumes Custom automation
Unattached elastic IP addresses (EIP) Spot adoption
RDS, DynamoDB tables, ElastiCache Instance consolidation
Non-production asset uptime Database consolidation
Database high-availability

Convertible RI Management — Results

Cloudwiry actionable recommendations find savings at many companies, as demonstrated by the results from case studies where Cloudwiry manages Convertible RIs.

ESW Group ShipStation
33% ROI increase after adopting Cloudwiry (previously used internal tool) 28.6% ROI increase after adopting Cloudwiry (previously used another top Cloud Management Tool)
$400k run-rate reduction $440k additional savings recouped in 4 months
$734k run-rate reduction
19% reduction in contract commitment

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