No Surprises

Cloud resources can be a great investment, but unanticipated billing increases can easily outweigh good ROI. Even with monthly billing, the Cloudwiry platform monitors costs daily. Sophisticated forecasting models and monitoring can detect and flag billing spikes and other anomalies, fixing them before they become a problem. We maximize AWS and Azure discounts with automatic daily contract exchanges to assure more consistent billing.

  • What if you have 2000 m5.xlarge Linux instances for 8-hour load testing (On-Demand total: $3072), but they do not shut down properly, instead running 24-hour days through a four-day long weekend (On-Demand total: $36,864)?

Region: Us East
m5.xlarge Linux     2000 instances
On-Demand price  $0.192 hour

Planned load testing 8 hours $3,072
Failed to stop over long weekend 24 hours over 4 days $36,864
Caught by Cloudwiry after one day Caught by Cloudwiry after one day $9,216
Cloudwiry savings $27,648
  • What if your company has a new line of business, and the costs when going live in the cloud were much higher than expected — possibly due to data transfer costs, API issues, or cost spikes as a result of code architecture problems with serverless functions?

Whatever the problem, Cloudwiry automatically detects and corrects resulting cost spikes immediately, avoiding surprises so that your cloud bill is a non-event.