RI Maximizer

Your savings autopilot to identify cost savings and lower your AWS EC2 bill

RI Maximizer decreases your IT spending as you maintain the best technology. Do you really need the best technology? Can you really decrease spending? Using RI Maximizer means maximizing ROI, and that means maintaining the latest cloud technology appropriate for your corporate needs, and minimizing waste within the scope of your IT strategy.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of optimizing for utilization.
RI Maximizer focuses on your ROI by automatically finding under-utilized or obsolete Convertible Reserved Instances and exchanging them for new RIs that are appropriate for your needs. Technology and utilization factor into the decisions, but ROI satisfies your operational needs while spending less.

If your AWS instances are not Reserved Instances, you are probably paying the full on-demand retail price. RI Maximizer enables you to increase your RI coverage without increasing your liability. It does this by exchanging your Convertible RIs during their contract term for the RIs you need. The new contract term allows you to reset the clock with new Convertible RIs that fit your current needs.


Doesn’t exchanging Convertible RIs come with a cost?
Not really. When you trade-up Convertible RIs, you reset to a new three-year commitment. By converting to smaller units of currency, such as the t3.nano with a maximum $21-per-year commitment increase. In the process, you can get closer to your actual needs instead of being stuck with larger resources.


Isn’t it time-consuming to monitor all these Convertible RIs?

For maximum time savings, use RI Maximizer as your savings autopilot to allow the Cloudwiry team to curate and execute the RI conversions found by RI Maximizer based on your corporate strategy and policies. If you prefer more control, you can also use this solution to monitor and approve transaction lists before they are made.
Stop throwing your mattress stuffed with cash into the dumpster. Keep your IT infrastructure modernized to your needs for much less than you spend now.


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