Save Time

Many companies offer Platinum Support as a trendy catchphrase. For Cloudwiry customers, it is a built-in opportunity to save time with customized and curated recommendations. With your corporate strategy driving decisions, you can trust our team to curate the cloud resource transactions that are recommended based on machine learning. You setup in minutes, then we redeem hidden savings for you with hands-off RI optimization and customer-defined controls. Prefer to trust-but-verify? Meet your account manager weekly to review and approve transactions.

Cloudwiry Platinum Support means we focus on ROI and customer success. If our results do not save you money, we don’t charge. But ROI goes beyond strategic IT spending by also saving you the huge amount of time it would take to analyze options and perform the resulting transactions.

We start from the money-saving recommendations of the Cloudwiry platform, already customized to your company’s strategy. Then, we curate those recommendations based on your company’s policies. You can think of it as your savings autopilot. If you prefer to trust-but-verify, Cloudwiry includes a live weekly review of recommended transactions to augment the internal daily review for opportunities.

Recommendations for You — and Done for You

Convertible RI management involves complex and repetitive tasks. The Cloudwiry automation workflow finds inefficiencies and waste, determines the optimum configuration, and performs the transactions to maximize ROI.

Cloudwiry is unique in our ROI-focused RI management capability. Our platform enables you to automatically purchase and exchange Convertible RIs and other cloud resources based on the highest ROI options and based on your current investment. It actively adjusts for seasonal or other changing needs.

Our recommendations are tailored to your needs:

  • Right-sizing recommendations are based on your business needs and plans.
  • Clean-up and waste elimination are performed per your policies and workflow.

Real Results – Dollars Saved are Dollars Earned

As customers attest, we only succeed when you succeed, a story told by these actual customer successes: