Strategic IT to Spend Less

High utilization does not always translate into higher ROI; your cloud resources are likely costing more based on changing AWS plans and your own changing requirements.

RI Utilization Period 1

RI Utilization Period 2

At first glance, RI Utilization Period 1 seems to be better with consistently high utilization. In fact, RI Utilization Period 2 provides significant dollar savings. Cloudwiry maximizes discounts with AI-driven machine learning.

RI Utilization Period 1

Net loss: $158K without Cloudwiry

RI Utilization Period 2

Net savings: $181K with Cloudwiry

3 Ways to Save

Cloudwiry finds money using Convertible RIs in several ways to provide actionable recommendations

Right-size inefficiencies

  • Compute – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Storage – Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • Storage lifecycle policies
  • Relational database services (RDS)/DB

Eliminate waste

  • Unused or stopped instances
  • Idle non-production instances
  • Soft instances
  • Unattached volumes
  • Unattached elastic IP addresses (EIP)
  • Relational database services (RDS), DynamoDB tables, elastic cache
  • Non-production asset uptime

Maximize ROI

  • RI investment
  • New cloud offerings to always have the best, most appropriate technologies
  • Dedicated host utilization
  • Custom automation
  • Spot adoption
  • Instance consolidation
  • Database consolidation
  • Database high-availability

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Convertible RI Management — Results

Cloudwiry actionable recommendations have identified savings at numerous companies. The following results are from case studies of companies where Cloudwiry manages Convertible RIs.

ESW Group

  • 33% ROI increase after adopting Cloudwiry (previously used internal tool)
  • $400k run-rate reduction


  • 28.6% ROI increase after adopting Cloudwiry (previously used another top Cloud Management Tool)
  • $440k additional savings recouped in 4 months
  • $734k run-rate reduction
  • 19% reduction in contract commitment

The below examples summarize other savings identified by the Cloudwiry team at numerous companies using the Cloudwiry platform:

Savings Customer Spend per Year Action
$5M $10M aggressive right-sizing and instance consolidation
1.85M $8.52M 80% Convertible RI adoption and daily exchanges
1.45M $4.48M storage optimization and RI purchase
$648k $3.82M exchanging existing Convertible RI
$624k $2.91M Convertible RI purchase and right-sizing

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